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Supporting the Community

It is always important for local companies to support their local communities. At Gower Gas and Oil, we know this, and we feel a sense of pride that we are doing just that, supporting these wonderful communities, not just now, but at all times.

COVID-19 Scrubs for Hubs

Here at Gower Gas & Oil, we recognise that, during this current pandemic, there are many heroes who have stepped forward; the NHS workers who are at the front line; the key support staff who make sure they have food and drink, heating and hot water; and those at home who are using their skills to ensure our key workers are supplied with the protective equipment they need to do their job safely.

To that end, we have offered our services to a fantastic group of people, a growing community voluntary group who are doing the incredible – at home, making essential scrubs and various items for front line staff all across the Swansea Bay University Trust.

We have dedicated staff coordinating the materials and delivering the finished products, using our office as an admin and distribution hub in order to support our Hospitals and Emergency Services.

We already have a small mountain of fabric and material piling up and more coming in every day (thanks, but we don’t need any more duvets for the time being), so we need more people who can take this material and turn it into scrubs, face masks and other essential equipment. If you’d like to help us, please send us a message and we’ll be glad to talk to you.

Finally, please stay safe yourselves. We are all part of the community and we should do what we can, even if that is staying at home and self-isolating

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