Client and Contract Base

Gower Gas & Oil Heating Services Ltd work closely with all nominated Contract Managers on a day to day basis to ensure seamless service provision. The services we provide are prescribed by the requirements of our clients.

We have clearly set down method statements and comprehensive procedural guidance drafted to the satisfaction of our clients to cover all of what we do. Further information and examples are available upon request.

Gower Gas & Oil Heating Services Ltd prides itself on its customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that all service user experience of our company is positive, and where issues have been raised we endeavour to resolve any issues the service users might have swiftly and to their satisfaction. In addition to providing first class heating maintenance and remedial services we can provide Legionella assessments and a consultancy service carrying out technical assessments to assist in the improvement of the heating, ventilation and plumbing appliances and systems on behalf of our clients.

We also provide a comprehensive troubleshooting advisory service for clients who have troublesome or persistent system failures.

Who we work with

For years, we've worked with some of Wales's finest emergency services.

We've been there for them, just like they're there for us whenever we need them. We take great pride in knowing that we help keep them going, whether it's a leaky boiler, pipework, the heating not coming on, or even just the hot water, we're there.

We also take great pride in knowing that we help the National Health Service each and every day. As they celebrate their 70th anniversary, they have the peace of mind that we're there for them, just as they are for us.

While our doctors and nurses, and all the other wonderful staff of the NHS fight to keep us healthy, we ensure that the heating comes on and stays on, the hot water is always flowing, whether it's in one of Wales's largest hospitals, or any number of the smaller clinics dotted around the country.

We work with two local authorities, in West and North Wales.

We're responsible for the servicing of thousands of council-owned properties, whether it's a domestic home, leisure centre, primary school, secondary school or city library, we're proud to be the firm they rely on and trust to give an excellent service.

Wales has such beautiful countryside, and there's nothing quite like Snowdonia National Park. With the mountains towering over you, watching the lakes far below, it's both an emotional yet serene experience.

For several years now, we've been the go-to company that the Park calls when they've had a problem with boilers, pipes or their heating system. Just another reason to trust Gower Gas & Oil.

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